Tuesday, March 31, 2009

on a birthday post

today's my 23rd bday.

nothing's so special except that i'm just one year older. good thing that almost everybody whom i'm expecting to greet me have sent their wish of a happy birthday either thru sms, facebook, multiply and friendster - except for this one person. (or you may have forgotten your promise...now i'm having second thoughts on greeting you on your birthday next week)

btw, i'm still waiting for a call from an employer. i guess this one's a perfect birthday present. to the employer: please read the application form that i filled out so that you can arrive at the best idea on what's on my birthday wishlist. :)

today, i have to stay at home and finish my school requirements. birthday is such a great excuse to be away from work for at least one day. then i'm off to a dinner tonight.

happy birthday to me. thanks to everyone. :)

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