Friday, January 9, 2009

and it already started

things may have started rough due to the uncontrollable irresponsibility of our accounting department but the week is gonna end with a smile on my face.

what a way to start this blog entry and to start 2009.

oh well, i took a day off from work last monday to attend to my graduate school enrollment and orientation. a bit excited that i am, i went to the nearest atm to check the salary that we are supposed to have on that day...and also to prepare on the fees that i should pay. guess what happened next? the only money available on that account was the Php2000 i saved from the holidays.

i rushed to a payphone then called a friend at work to check whether that particular wage is already credited to our accounts. she immediately called our accounting office to ask then i had that ultimate frustrated feeling that she was advised that it's gonna be availabe on wednesday. are we supposed to suffer from that long vacation and are they responsible enough not to think that we have have bills to settle?! its worst than having entered three wrong pins at the same time and had your card captured in the atm machine.

good thing that there are friends who are willing to lend their atm cards and that saved me from a possible late enrollment that will entail extra fees and extra day away from work. it also reconstructed my ruined day at least. thanks k. :)

so i tried not to devote hate to our accouting department. it's not gonna give me extra salary naman. :)


last wednesday was my first day at school as a graduate student. i can say that grad school is way far cuter than college. the discussions are more interesting, classmates are more interesting too.
this time i should take schooling seriously. i can now feel the pain of paying my own tuition fee even with a 50% slash on it. the requirements are also tedious as having like 3 undergraduate courses' requirements only for one grad subject. but it's still cute.

i don't regret having sociology for a bachelor's degree but i should have taken marketing electives in college. should have saved one extra term instead.