Thursday, June 10, 2010

it pours

rainy days give me luck. the last time i remember it was raining, i received a text message from my current boss that they are gonna take me in their company. today, the rain saved me again. i received a call from a prospect employer asking me to drop by their office tomorrow to take a look on their job offer and get instructions on my pre-employment examination. it was an ecstatic feeling upon learning that i got the job. on top of that, they also agreed to my salary expectation! what a good way to start things anew!

so the beginning starts again, now.

the first half of 2010 has been a crazy ride for me. after around 8 months, i left my "almost-dream-job" of working with one of manila's sought-after photographer and top stylist last february. it was an 8 month filled with great challenges. it was a one-man team but i survived! and i enjoyed its perks like eat buffet in manila's 5 star hotels, meet celebrities and manila's socialites and travel out of town. that job also opened an opportunity for me to fly to boracay for an advertising campaign. it was all "firsts" for me.

february came and new opportunity came in. it was an immersion to the "culture." it was a great experience but then there are certain circumstances that prompted me to leave again. so yes, i'm having a new job, again.

rainy days give me hope. i can feel greater things brewing up.