Saturday, July 26, 2008

on counting

after the recent break-up with the job that i almost liked - that opportunity in the human resource industry to headhunt a.k.a. snatching the best people in an organization and transferring them for a supposedly better compensation, wider scope of responsibility and advance themselves in another company... i found myself doing the job that i wanted to do but not exactly the way i wanted it to be.

i am doing photography for a living and there have been a lot of changes. it's amusing that i can now sing barney songs, disney songs and i can even make kids laugh. who knows apples and bananas (eypols ind bininis)? i am now groomed into having kids but procreation may not be one of my priority at the moment.

fast forward to two months - i am doing well with the job that i wanted to do (that's how i assess myself so far). but i just can't make myself believe that i'd be doing this forever. maybe and maybe. not that it's about the intensity of the words fickle-minded or ADHD but i just don't know which one to prioritize. i want to do a lot of things and i want to learn more things. I want to take up MBA but it could be deferred until i've gauged the things that i would like to do for a lifetime. photography may still be a passion but... and a lot of buts.

it's better this time that i'm with people who share the same interest in photography. and last night i was able to meet jake verzosa, the photographer! starstuck - i really wanted talk to him personally and my favorite batchmate sooz's friend devised a way to introduce us to him. it's so "sabaw" that i wasn't able to utter substantial words except for "hello idol, you're my sister-in-law's cousin" and he answered back "how is she." i should have told him "i'd like to assist in one of your shoots" but no regrets since that won't be the last time to have an opportunity to talk to him - that's for sure. this is optimism 101!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

half and a quarter

over the past three months in the state of half-loneliness, half-happiness and a half of uncertainties...i figured out last night the quarter that's missing. it's the half-bitter and half-sweet taste of alcohol that i used to half-love and half-hate. it's been a while since the last time i spend the night 'til early morning with my former officemates.