Tuesday, November 10, 2009


i will live like i'm dying.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

know it all

i know You know I badly like it. so please help me get it.

i want to receive the sweetest text message for this week.

thanks. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009


here i go again...blogging.

i've been stuck up for my life's predictable hysteria. un-moving on, employment dilemma, job search, grad school, wishful thinking and blah-blahs. i had this crazy idea when i tried to stop writing on this space - that bloggers have an empty life that they wanted to fill-in. drafting whatever they can write about themselves and trivial stuff online can make their life go round and round. i may had a bad judgment. seriously, i stopped blogging to conceal my mishaps, dull and crazy daily living and not-worth remembering misadventures. now how do we define emptiness?

today i'm starting to draft my own version of sui generis.

in the next thirty days, i hope to make sort of a difference. not social change though. leave it to our politicians and social advocates. i'll make my life easier. i'll make this blog more hopeful.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

on a birthday post

today's my 23rd bday.

nothing's so special except that i'm just one year older. good thing that almost everybody whom i'm expecting to greet me have sent their wish of a happy birthday either thru sms, facebook, multiply and friendster - except for this one person. (or you may have forgotten your promise...now i'm having second thoughts on greeting you on your birthday next week)

btw, i'm still waiting for a call from an employer. i guess this one's a perfect birthday present. to the employer: please read the application form that i filled out so that you can arrive at the best idea on what's on my birthday wishlist. :)

today, i have to stay at home and finish my school requirements. birthday is such a great excuse to be away from work for at least one day. then i'm off to a dinner tonight.

happy birthday to me. thanks to everyone. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


february had been sort of adjustment on my end. it became a month of trying to stretch almost everything and it also tried to check my flexibility. i've never thought that even a good 8 months of good and hardwork is gonna be overlooked or not even noticed at all. i kept questioning if meritocracy still exist that even the lousiest persons are still offered promotion or even a chance to move up in an organization. and the answer is probably.

i don't know if graduate school has been helping me to get what i want. but wednesday and thursday nights have been very good companions as they gave me an escape to the reality in which i'm trying to disintegrate myself. i have this newly opened consciousness on dealing with trivial things and it sucks big time. at some point, the experiences i have been through in the past seven years of independence is something that i wish should have not rapidly took place. i'm going back to being idealistic. err. nevermind.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

green is blue

i decided not to go to work today for a number of reasons:

1) i don't have enough reasons to complain yet i'm complaining.
2) it seems that i've been very ungrateful with the people and things around me.
3) i just can't fully understand how meritocracy works
4) patience is a foreign word to me
5) love hurts and when you're hurting you've loved
6) i'm a little sick
7) i know i'll never love this way so i'll keep holding on... (translation: wait in vain til death)

and other reasons...

feb1 is a lonely day.

Friday, January 9, 2009

and it already started

things may have started rough due to the uncontrollable irresponsibility of our accounting department but the week is gonna end with a smile on my face.

what a way to start this blog entry and to start 2009.

oh well, i took a day off from work last monday to attend to my graduate school enrollment and orientation. a bit excited that i am, i went to the nearest atm to check the salary that we are supposed to have on that day...and also to prepare on the fees that i should pay. guess what happened next? the only money available on that account was the Php2000 i saved from the holidays.

i rushed to a payphone then called a friend at work to check whether that particular wage is already credited to our accounts. she immediately called our accounting office to ask then i had that ultimate frustrated feeling that she was advised that it's gonna be availabe on wednesday. are we supposed to suffer from that long vacation and are they responsible enough not to think that we have have bills to settle?! its worst than having entered three wrong pins at the same time and had your card captured in the atm machine.

good thing that there are friends who are willing to lend their atm cards and that saved me from a possible late enrollment that will entail extra fees and extra day away from work. it also reconstructed my ruined day at least. thanks k. :)

so i tried not to devote hate to our accouting department. it's not gonna give me extra salary naman. :)


last wednesday was my first day at school as a graduate student. i can say that grad school is way far cuter than college. the discussions are more interesting, classmates are more interesting too.
this time i should take schooling seriously. i can now feel the pain of paying my own tuition fee even with a 50% slash on it. the requirements are also tedious as having like 3 undergraduate courses' requirements only for one grad subject. but it's still cute.

i don't regret having sociology for a bachelor's degree but i should have taken marketing electives in college. should have saved one extra term instead.