Friday, May 30, 2008

27th on the 30th

if seven (7) is indeed a lucky number, then I will be a one lucky guy on my next step. this time it's closer.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ikot (turn)

minsan nga naman masayang sakyan ang inconsistencies ng buhay. may mga bagay tayong pinipilit gustuhin, may mga bagay na pilit nating hinahanap pero nakakatuwa na may mga bagay na gusto pa din natin ng ganun na lang.

minsan gusto nating magmadali, at pag mabilis ang takbo ng buhay, gusto naman nating patigilin.

minsan, mas maayos daw na planuhin ang mga bagay bago natin ito gawin pero kahit gaano mo man katagal paghandaan ang isang bagay, may mga bagay pa din na sadyang lilitaw na pwedeng ikasira o lalong ikabubuti ng iyong mga plano.

minsan bata lang tayo. nasabi mo na siguro na gusto mong maging manggagamot o guro.

minsan estudyante lang tayo na pilit gumagawa ng paraan upang makapagtapos.

minsan pagkatapos mong mag-aral, nasabi mo na siguro na kailangang maging ganito ako.

at dahil inconsistent ang buhay, minsan masaya ka na lang ng ganun na lang. na kung may magbabago man, minsan ayus lang.

Monday, May 19, 2008

lunchtime pop-ups

i had a great weekend with kids. 'twas an experience that i'm looking forward on doing again. i don't know if everything else could be positive.

to you - you know how much i care and you know what i feel for you. let's hope for better days ahead. you can talk to me anytime you wish basta gising lang ako.

to mmc - i am grateful for always including me in your posts. i hope we could fix our schedule soon so that we can talk again. talk on our heartbreaks, moving on and a little bit about work. i miss you like crazy.haha blogging and texting became an alternative tools for us to convey our messages and sort of update on what's happening to us. antagal na nung march na last natin nag-usap sa gilid ng greenbelt.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

on selling myself

I look at things in a different way…deviation is spectacular
I am imaginative…and life goes round and round
My mind is restless. I want to explore the creative side of every situation.
I want to bring out the emotion in every moment
The melodrama…
And happiness in children’s eyes
I want to capture not just what is visible but what is hidden
I am passionate with photography
I am passionate with making people smile
And because I want to make a story in every images
I want to be a part of a creative pool of artists who knows no borders…
who can defy conventions
I want to share my passion and skill
I want a greater challenge. I want to make a difference.
I am ready for a creative battle.

Monday, May 12, 2008


today is somehow productive. i was able to end the workday without feeling bored or sleepy. work is just ok but life in general is happier. i am acting a little weird since yesterday because i smile periodically but this weirdness is not weird.haha

"dying inside to hold you" has been playing in my mind since this morning. maybe it won't end playing until i sleep later.haha

Friday, May 9, 2008

hollywood sweetheart on pencil

reese witherspoon on charcoal pencil. this picture was inspired by the just like heaven pdvd cover. drawn october 2006 while typhoon milenyo was destroying lives and properties in the southern luzon area. shading taught by krt with support from scarereyes.