Saturday, June 14, 2008

at shutter's speed

in every decision that we take, it gives us life-long possibilities on what will happen next. it may take effect tomorrow, the days to come or in years.

when we are trying so hard at some things, we can't avoid not to be pathetically excited or worried for the result. and our indecisiveness would certainly kill us.

i'm adapting the way to be more optimistic but i just can't find the easiest route to feel certainty. if i can turn back time, i'd rather take the same road because that same direction will lead me to the things that i am currently experiencing. i'll feel better that when i come back, i already know my way out.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008

economics and reincarnation

and i am still trying to devise a way to make my 9-day vacation productive. i already did some catching-up with old friends in the past three days. already walked 3.5 kilometers for a cause which i'm not sure if it is really something that i should be proud of. then i've been walking until yesterday.

i wanted to grow my hair again, after i decided to be bald a month ago, so i decided to have a side haircut last night. i want my hair back!!!


because i am avoiding the sunlight, i decided to just stay at home today and washed my own clothes instead -- and i missed doing this. maybe i was a labandero in my past life. and maybe i'll have a bright future as a househelper. i'll specialize on gardening, laundry and dishwashing. if i am a househelper, would i still think about resigning? would i also shift interest like venture into mopping or babysitting? the future is so uncertain for me to be worried. i am now dwelling into the ifs of my decisions.