Monday, January 21, 2008

this + sign means everything

some things that happened today...

1. i was able to come to work today 37 minutes earlier than the usual on time attendance. 7:53: i set my new punctuality record.

2. i've found out that my hsbc credit card application was declined and i was advised that i can re-apply after 6 months. poor boy...i've already listed all the things that i can swipepurchase once that card is granted.

3. i officially made an announcement to most of my officemates that i'll be leaving on january31 for a better opportunity. there's a feeling of sadness that i won't be seeing my office friends on a 5-day-in-a-week basis but i'll be just transferring to a company that is two pedestrian lanes away from the current. i can still see them after office hours.

4. on my way home, my former teammate and i (from caall center) happened to be in the same bus. i didn't see her for over 6 months now and it's just a great feeling to see a person again who've been so nice and thoughtful to me when we were still working together.

5. and i was overwhelmed with the great things that happened in the last 6 days. whether it may be good or bad but i still learned to appreciate everything. i took some risk and it became a way for me to know what i really feel and how am i going to let it pass. it sounds weird, awkward and crazy and i don't know. i know things happen for a reason...good or bad but things always happen with a purpose.

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