Friday, December 14, 2007


public transportations make me feel that i'm doing a lot of things for nothing. i've been into a cycle of conspicuous dissatisfaction or frustration (to put it in a politically correct manner) with a lot of things, events, people and places. i really don't know what would (would -- to place in a less realistic mode) make me rest from thinking about these.

last week i tried to hate hate. and i'm trying to be good. i am looking into valuing everything around me... and everything's vague -- i know right?

i've been trying to squeeze what i really want and where i'm good at. looking into possibly accepting a new opportunity. whenever the bus stops to pasong tamo or my friend's car stops at pasay road, everything's just exhibiting complexities and complications.

i guess i'm lost. the last time i used my head seriously was the day i had my thesis presentation. an officemate while we were on our lunch break asked me the difference between sociology and anthropology. i thought the easiest way to answer the question is to say that sociology deals with modern societies whereas anthropology's concern is primitive societies.

i don't know...i just discovered that thinking and complaining are the best forms of escape.

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