Thursday, November 29, 2007

mutiny is not similar to mutilation

another familiar rainy-floody-thursday which prevented me to come to work again to make money. seems i am only working 4x a week for the past 3 weeks which is disturbing my workmates.

last night, i fetched ms. m, a friend for over 4 years in her office somewhere in salcedo village, makati. we saw each other last july after i decided to find a new job. and fuck those rich businesspeople who are constantly searching for ways on how to improve their products and services to beat their competitors. or simply to amplify themselves. messy life ain't it?

sabi ko nga kay ms. m, parang tuwing balak kong lumipat ng trabaho, nagkikita kami. pero alam ko coincidence lang naman.haha and ms. m is like a career consultancy firm kasi she listens and she gives advise on what to do with a confused mind on current employment. with all the work stressors i've encountered for the past 3 weeks, for the million peso revenue that we've been working out, and for the almost-impossible-but-we-should-do-it-agreements-in-a-week for-the-job-tenure, for countless questionable professionalism issues that they have been doing lately, i am doomed.

another familiar story. anyone who can give me sedatives? toink.

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