Monday, May 19, 2008

lunchtime pop-ups

i had a great weekend with kids. 'twas an experience that i'm looking forward on doing again. i don't know if everything else could be positive.

to you - you know how much i care and you know what i feel for you. let's hope for better days ahead. you can talk to me anytime you wish basta gising lang ako.

to mmc - i am grateful for always including me in your posts. i hope we could fix our schedule soon so that we can talk again. talk on our heartbreaks, moving on and a little bit about work. i miss you like crazy.haha blogging and texting became an alternative tools for us to convey our messages and sort of update on what's happening to us. antagal na nung march na last natin nag-usap sa gilid ng greenbelt.

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