Tuesday, February 26, 2008


And I’m gonna sit down in front of my computer for the whole workday because nobody will be left at our department. I was exempted from the field work so I was a sort of a caretaker-customer-care-for-a-day. Good thing about working in this new company is that we don’t have a strict IT people so you can do almost anything you want and click anything you want…work with pleasure…I mean multitask.

I checked some blogs, blogs that are linked from a friends blog. Blogs that has been linked through a friend’s friend’s blog and there it goes. The very best thing to do when you’re bored is to read other people’s rants and ideas to reaffirm yourself that the world is still a happy place to live in. But another worry that concerns me now is “when am I gonna change.” But according to Ms. M, “walang timeline ang pagbabago” (her response to her previous 90-day project).

So it may take some time for me to become more responsible. When shall i realize what career to pursue in this world full of opportunities? (sabi kasi ng isang dating ka-course [nung BS Economics pa ako] ng makasakay ko sya sa MRT nung November ‘07 na“it takes seven jobs before we fully know what career we want to pursue.” I just can’t reconcile my passion, skills and whatever practical reasons that I should know or be reminded of.

Gayahin natin ang sinasabi/ginagawa ng narrator ng radio drama bago matapos ang show.

“Lilipat na naman ba ng trabaho si Lonely boy?”

“Saan naman kaya sya lilipat?”

“Kelan pa kaya sya magtatagal sa isang trabaho ”

So ayun na. Decode my message.

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