Thursday, November 15, 2007


didn't go to work today for the simplest reason that the rain just wanted to flood our streets. when you got nothing to do but to stare at your t.v. screen for almost the entire day, you'll just realize that everything seems so pointless.

what's making me frustrated and stressed now are the people around me. and everyone is enjoying being inconsiderate. i can still smile at them but i can't fool them not to laugh at myself for being a conformist. working is like living in the jungle. you are surrounded by predators who are consistently trying to extract everything that you have in exchange for their selfish intentions. skills matter...and we want wages so we just stop complaining about what's circulating in the workplace until we become numb.

it's the 15th of the month so my atm has already recovered from a serious drought. and money is the sole reason why i'm working. on my way to the nearest atm machine, the christmas breeze just gave me body freeze. this will be the first christmas that i'm being totally independent. and i don't know if working will bring me somewhere.

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