Friday, November 2, 2007

carnival ride

this is probably the week that many people went away and i was unaware until i they gave a confirmation that they are gone.

when people leave, childhood memories just flashback.
i remember when our youngest sister and i were crying because our father is leaving for overseas again. but how could we not possibly let him go when we are bribed with promises that he'll just go somewhere and be back in an hour. or a promise that he'll be back with the newest game console.

leaving or saying goodbye entails hurting feelings.
back in college, whenever it's the last day of a class meeting or after the last leg of a group project/activity/presentation for the semester, i just don't know what to feel. i just miss the semester with those groupmates and classmates and parting ways means you won't be in the same ground again. you'll lose communication and will probably forget the time you spent doing those class activities. the proof of friendship or interaction will just be a link into your friendster page.

in 2006, almost all of my college friends left uplb.
graduate na sila and i have to stay for one more semester to finish the last three units of my thesis and a three-unit major course. medyo mahirap kasi the person you were with for almost every day are gone and won't be visible in the campus again. buti na lang three of my former dormmates decided to work in uplb so we rented an apartment somewhere outside uplb. and then i left them last january to try my luck in makati.

when i go out with friends that i haven't seen for a long time, saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do.
andun kasi yung feeling na it may be the last time that you'll have an interaction. or meeting again will not be easy because your schedules just don't match. you are busy working or you're just busy with something and you'll just don't believe that a friend is just a text away...yeah, they're just a text away but if possible you don't always want an impersonal form of communication.

saying goodbye is semi-forever and semi-temporary. there are some people that you just don't want to see again. or there are people who don't want to see you again - a semi-mutual feeling that you just can't predict that will happen.

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